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The Confident Eater

Create Confident Eaters

We give you the tools, the strategies and the confidence to get your picky eater eating.

What we do

The Confident Eater has a unique program developed in NZ to support parents who have children who are picky eaters. Although based in Wellington we work with families all over the country (and the world). Last year alone we worked with over 100 families from Bulgaria to Blenheim.We have spent the last 3 years focused on families where issues are often quite extreme.  Recently we have developed programs for any family that would love to know how to gently add variety into their child’s diet, have relaxed dinners and serve only one meal (that gets eaten!).
If this is you, check out our Bite Sized Steps Program.

Even if you feel that you have tried everything, nothing works and your child is very, very rigid in their approach to food we can usually help (our programs are appropriate for 95% of families). Please, take the first step, check out what we do. I think you’ll be surprised how cost effective our programs are and they have been proven again and again to work.

Often just taking that first step is
a relief.

Full of information, inspiration and customised to you and your family situation. The Mega Program gifts you long-term positive results.

Discover the Bite-Sized-Steps program

We support families to successfully change the feeding dynamic, to put the control back into your hands and give you the simple, practical strategies that work to get the children eating. We’ll give you easily digestible approaches that you can apply in daily life. You will be provided simple step-by-step approaches to get from where you are now to where you want to be.

Our workshops give you all the tools you need to make a difference and provide the framework to create confident eaters . Parents and guardians armed with the right information are the ones best placed to make a difference in their child’s lives. Who is more invested, spends more time or knows a child as well as the parent?
Many of the recommendations are strategies that can be slotted easily into existing routines but deliver long-term results.

Picky Eating is an issue that affects everyone in the family. Taking action is never an easy decision but today’s solution reduces tomorrow’s turmoil.

To make things easier, we published
a guide.

The guide is full of poven strategies, real life examples, that is highly visual and simple to use

About the guide

Creating Confident Eaters – THE guide for picky eaters

We wrote this with you in mind!

  •  Are mealtimes stressful?
  • Is your child stuck eating the same foods each week?
  • Would you like your child to eat new foods?
  • Is your child hesitant about trying new foods?
  • Have you tried offering new foods and got an instant no?

The book gives you simple, practical steps to resolve these issues.

  • Learn how to gently move from toast, crackers or plain pasta (for example) to a new food
  • Use proven strategies to support your child to add new food
  • Hear how other parents, even those with very selective eaters have made progress
  • Gain insight into ways to approach food and feeding differently

Creating Confident Eaters is the perfect gift for a friend or relative that you know is struggling at mealtimes.

It is also perfect for strategies to easily navigate the toddler fussies or to learn how to gently enable a child to eat a wider variety of foods.

Working with The Confident Eater
has changed hundreds of lives.

Check out our testimonials!

There’s Been a Seismic Shift!

Picture of a boy looking beyond

There has been a seismic shift in our family dynamic post our consultation with you! It has been an incredibly positive
experience for us.

We are pretty religiously eating breakfast and dinner
together which has been a really positive for everyone. The power shift has been hard for Oli*, 8 but we’ve definitely made some positive steps – he’s eating tinned peaches (his idea) on his cereal (after your amazing Jelly trick that you taught us) and has tried some banana.

He’s tolerating yoghurt again in his lunchbox which is coming back pretty clean.  He loved the chocolate muffins.

We understand this is a marathon and not a sprint so have realistic expectations.  Our youngest daughter Charlotte* has astounded us – she’s eating pretty much everything we present to her (so much so, she asked where the lettuce and carrots were at breakfast!)

We can’t thank you enough for the help you have given us so far.
Kate, NZ

My Confident Eater

The smile of success @ The Confident Eater

My son’s eating was on a downward spiral with more food becoming excluded as time went on. It was also more and more difficult to try something new.
This was causing me so much anxiety. He has now gone from resisting new foods, to confidently trying, exploring and appreciating what is being eaten.
Thank you Judith.
Karen, NZ

Getting the kids eating
We are now drama free!

Judith is AWESOME and meal times are no longer a drama in our house.  We will continue to use her ideas to keep progressing and adding new foods and recipes.
Thanks so much Judith.”

The Confident Eater program is so effective in providing strategies for success that we guarantee you will see progress!​

The Confident Eater chikd eating happily
The Confident Eater children cooking
The Confident Eater children eating