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Is my child’s fussy eating a problem?
(or is it just normal and a “phase”?)

If your child is over 2 and you are able to tick all or most of the items on the checklist I would recommend talking to your GP / seeking support for your child’s eating.

10 signs there may be a problem

1. Your child is not able to try any new foods.

2. Your child has not added a new food for a long period and/or are dropping previously accepted foods.

3. Your child eats less than 20 foods.

4. Your child has an extreme reaction to unfamiliar foods.

5. Mealtimes are stressful and disrupted and your child eats differently to the rest of the family.

6. Your child has a very rigid approach to food eg. foods must be prepared/served in a specific way, only one brand is accepted etc.

7. You believe they would starve rather than eat something outside of the comfort zone.

8. Social situations are difficult/uncomfortable.

9. Your child avoids whole food or texture groups. eg. fruit/ anything soft.

10. Your child is losing weight or has stagnant growth.