The Confident Eater


Every child deserves to approach food from a place of safety and joy, not fear.

Imagine having a child that is happy to try food

That enjoys family meals

And that looks forward to food

This need not be a dream.

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Hi, I’m Judith, and I’ve seen first hand how stressful, exhausting and demoralising it can be living with a fussy eater.

I’m also really, really passionate about food for children and would love to gift you the tools to gently transform mealtimes and social occasions for your family.

I’d love for you to join one of our programs and experience the difference outside support can make. Working with over 100 families last year alone, gives us the confidence that we really can make a difference.

Many parents have searched for solutions to their child’s eating for a long time. They have visited the GP,  they have tried a whole suite of strategies, and yet are still not making progress.

As the parent, you are almost always the one best placed to support your child to become more eating competent. No one knows a child better, spends more time or is an invested in outcomes, as a parent. What you need are the tools. The proven strategies that will work for your child and your family.

I can gift you those tools.

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I graduated MA Cantab (from St.John’s College, Cambridge, UK), am an internationally qualified Nutritional Therapist and AOTA accredited picky eating advisor. 

I have also completed the “Raising likeable, responsible, respectful children”, Jean Illsley Clarke course and am a qualified telephone support worker for ParentHelpline.

I am in the process of qualifying as a psychologist as I feel the learnings in this area are invaluable for me and to support you, the families I work with.

Previously, I spent a few years cooking with children with pronounced food fears – and often additional challenges eg. sensory sensitivities, ASD, ADHD, anxiety – and so have an intimate understanding of how children who struggle to eat approach food.

The experience I have gained by both working with children and now their families has given me the tools and strategies that enable me to teach you how to teach your child how to eat well. Even children who have extreme food fears can benefit from one of our programs.

Your success is our success so we work very hard to make things work.

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My dream is to create a world of confident eaters. To provide solutions and strategies to put fun and relaxation back into food and enable every child to approach food from a place of safety and joy, not fear.

Please get in touch. I would love to arrange a no-cost appointment to discuss your child’s issues and give you solutions. There is always a solution. So why wait?


THE GUIDE – Creating Confident Eaters

I have long been frustrated by current literature in the fussy eating sphere. I have not been able to find a reference book that enables parents to simply and gently tackle picky eating effectively in their own home.

In 2019,  I set out to rectify that. The result – Creating Confident Eaters. A unique book that really does tick all the boxes that I set out for it to tick.

7 Simple Steps – Winner Winner I Eat Dinner

Enabling a child to gain more confidence around food can be a daunting task. Enter Winner Winner I Eat Dinner.
Each chapter of Winner Winner is based around one of the simple, gentle, 7 step to eating. Journey from ‘on the table’ to ‘eating’ via a host of practical, FUN, strategies that build on confidence and competence.
If you’d love your child to taste and to add new foods, this is the perfect book for you.

Interview with Holly Pollock - The Cafe

It was great to be back at The Café to promote Winner Winner I Eat Dinner. Carly Flynn was scheduled to interview me, but then was unwell so the lovely Holly stepped in.

Although Holly conducted the interview, Carly, as the parent of a picky eater wrote the questions. Having someone who understands the challenges that come with fussy eating, makes for a great interview. The questions were excellent and enabled me to share my knowledge.

Interview with Kathryn Ryan - Radio NZ, Nine to Noon

I was delighted to be invited onto Nine to Noon with Kathryn Ryan, to discuss all things picky eating.
We were able to get into some great topics and discuss simple, practical ways to tackle some of the common challenges faced by parents. Questions from the audience delved even further into some topics. It was a really fun interview and a great opportunity to share advice with a wider audience.


Interview - the Breakfast Show with Melissa Stokes & Haydn Jones

I was excited to be in Auckland, invited onto the Breakfast Show to promote our new book Winner Winner I Eat Dinner. John and Jenny-May were on holidays, which turned out to be a blessing. Melissa Stokes and Haydn Jones were standing in and given her personal brush with a picky eater, Melissa took over.

Having a 7, year old, with restricted eating habits gave Melissa intimate knowledge of what it means to live with a picky eater. In fact, the interview almost became a personal Q & A. This worked perfectly for me as the questions were on point and gave me the opportunity to discuss relevant strategies.

Then as we were getting the wind-up, wind-up, oh pleeeease wind-up signals from the production team, Haydn jumped in with a classic comment.

Interview - The Breeze Auckland - Robert & Jeanette

Interview – Winner Winner I Eat Dinner – The Breeze Auckland with Jeanette & Robert

I was  in the Mediaworks studios for my interview with Robert and Jeanette. Even better, as Jeanette has a personal understanding of picky eating both personally and via her daughter, the questions were great.

Although I was able to get across some serious points, I don’t think I’ve ever laughed so much in an interview!

Interview with Mel Homer, The Cafe

It was very exciting to be interviewed by Mel, from The Cafe. We managed to cram an awful lot into a short segment!

Interview with Kath & Steve – The Breeze

Kath & Steve, from The Breeze Wellington, requested a copy of Creating Confident Eaters. Kath read it from cover to cover and genuinely loved it. I was delighted to be interviewed on air. Please click on the link to hear the recording.

Childspace produce a magazine for early childhood centres all around Aus/NZ. They kindly offered to review the book and give their thoughts. Please click on the link to see what the experts in the field are saying!

Interview with Duncan Garner - The AM SHOW

I was invited onto the AM Show for a quick interview with Duncan and Amanda.

Unfortunately we ran out of time, but they are looking forward to having me back so we can pick up where we left off!