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Why you should buy the guide

Why you should buy the guide Creating Confident Eaters #theconfidenteater #wellington #judithyeabsley #fussyeater #fussyeating #pickyeater #picky eating #supportforpickyeaters #theconfidenteater #creatingconfidenteaters #bookforpickyeaters

Why you should buy the guide

There are countless books for sale and even more information available for free on the internet, so why buy Creating Confident Eaters?

Because it works!

It is full of simple inspiration on how to get started. How to tackle the problems of lack of variety, lack of nutrient dense or ‘healthy’ meal contents.

The guide manages the change to new foods in a gentle way that increases the chances of success. Step-by-step how to graduate from the familiar and how to navigate the path to introducing different foods.

The results have spoken for themselves.

Parents are almost always the best ones to support their child to move forwards with eating. No one knows their child better, spends more time with them or is more invested in their future.

We can do amazing things when we have the tools. This guide is an indispensable tool for the parent kit.

It is non-medical and does not tell you what to feed your children. What it does do, is show you how to support your children to move from one food to another food in a manageable, easy to understand way. In fact, the guide was written with time poor, stressed parents in mind so everything is written, explained and laid out in a way that makes utilising the guide as easy as possible.

The principal premise is that we must show our children what change looks like before we can expect them to add new foods.

The guide delivers on this goal by going through multiple examples of how we can approach meals and snacks differently to make changes in a way that is acceptable to our child. If we have a child that has sensory issues, anxiety or other sensitivities then there are still many ways we can support progress.

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The guide shows you that change is often not as challenging as we assume.

My whole philosophy is based around empowering parents. Giving families the information they need to make significant changes in their own households to support better eating.

It has lots of the things I would say to parents, and when I do, they often respond with “wow, I would never have thought of that”. That is what makes this guide unique and totally different to anything else on the market.

The guide was written based on my experience working with 100’s of families – many of whom have extremely selective eaters (and often additional challenges like anxiety, sensory sensitivity, ASD, ADHD etc.). The strategies have worked for them so I am sure can work for you too.

The Confident Eater primarily works with 2 – 12, year olds’ although we  do some work with teens too. The guide has strategies that are as relevant for the 7-12’s as they are for the 2-6’s and a lot of the suggestions can be modified to fit any age group.

Whatever the age of your child the guide will be a book that you return to again and again.

Judith is an AOTA accredited picky eating advisor and internationally certified nutritional therapist. She works with 100+ families every year resolving fussy eating and returning pleasure and joy to the meal table.

Judith is also mum to two boys and is the author of Creating Confident Eaters and Winner Winner I Eat Dinner.
Learn more about Judith here:

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