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No pasta lasagne for fussy eaters

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No pasta lasagne

Crazy huh? But it works, it really does.

Perfect for fussy eaters who aren’t fans of pasta.

A great way to boost protein.

A nice change from regular pasta.

Perfect for keto mum’s and dad’s.

And it takes way less time to cook!

The photo doesn’t look super appetising as I was struggling to cut a pretty piece but still show the insides 😊 Taste was great though.

Mine has carrot, zucchini, spinach, and onion in it but all of those are optional.

This is a very flexible recipe. In fact, I’ve done something a little left-of-centre for the recipe today.


I decided against a recipe as everyone has their own favourite lasagne. Instead, I thought I’d make some notes so that you can adapt this to fit your family’s needs.

I fried off mince, onions, garlic, and celery. You could drop any or all of the veg. The mince could be chicken if that’s more do-able. I have also used chopped bacon instead of mince and that works well and creates a ‘lighter’ lasagne.

I grated carrot and zucchini and some chopped spinach and added to the mince. You can omit some or all. Or you could use just the veggies instead of the mince for vegetarian.

I added a tin of tomatoes and some tomato paste, then a range of things to add flavour. Soy sauce, molasses, pepper, Worcestershire sauce, red wine. You can add all or none. Having some sort of sauce will make the lasagne less dry but just the cheese sauce would work.

I made a cheese sauce with sour cream, eggs, cottage cheese, grated cheddar, and mustard (because I’m lazy and it’s easier than a bechamel – but bechamel works too!!). I threw all the ingredients in the food processor to form a smooth sauce.

Omit cheese sauce if it’s not on the menu, providing you have the tomato.

Turn the oven on to 180˚
Grease a deep baking dish and spread a layer of the mince/tomato sauce.

Add a layer of deli meat. I used champagne ham but salami or even luncheon would work.

Add another layer of mince/tomato, then a layer of cheese sauce.

More ham.


Cheese etc. …

Finish with cheese on the top.

Cover with foil and bake for 10-15 mins. It’s a far quicker bake than regular lasagne!

The only negative was that it was a bit sloppy the first night I served it. The next day for lunch it had totally firmed up and was pretty much the same as a regular lasagne in terms of texture. This maybe a dish that improves with a little aging (like regular lasagne).

Judith, MA Cantab (Cambridge University), Post Grad Dip Psychology (Massey University), is an AOTA accredited picky eating advisor and internationally certified nutritional therapist. She works with 100+ families every year resolving fussy eating and returning pleasure and joy to the meal table.

She is also mum to two boys and the author of Creating Confident Eaters and Winner Winner I Eat Dinner. Her dream is that every child is able to approach food from a place of safety and joy, not fear.

Learn more about Judith here:

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