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Breakfast bar – 3 ingredients

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Breakfast bar

Breakfast is often an easy meal for fussy eaters. It comes after a night of ‘fasting’ and the menu tends to be carb heavy and predictable.

For some children though, breakfast is not as easy or maybe they are stuck eating one thing day after day.

A breakfast bar can be a great option as it is a little different and if necessary can be grab and go.

There are many different versions – and home-made almost always trumps store bought.

This one has:
3 ingredients in it’s basic form

Zero sugar/sugar substitutes added

– Contains fruit

– I’ve got options so it can be DF/NF

– Takes minutes to prep

– Is super simple so the children can make their own

Recipe for breakfast bar

1 cup apple sauce (I made my own with a large apple chopped, boiled in water until soft, water drained and then blitzed. I left the skins on but it will depend on what’s acceptable for your child)

¾ cup oats (rolled work best. I used wholegrain but broke them up a little first)

1/6 cup nut butter (for nut-free or so there is not the taste of the nut butter swap for melted butter)

Optional – add dried fruit, nuts, seeds, choc chips etc.


Heat oven to 180˚

Mix all the ingredients in a bowl

Grease a baking dish

Spread mixture into the dish so it’s approx 1 cm high

Bake for 20-30 minutes until browning

The bars are quite soft rather than chewy or crunchy. More like a cake than a biscuit.

Judith, MA Cantab (Cambridge University), Post Grad Dip Psychology (Massey University), is an AOTA accredited picky eating advisor and internationally certified nutritional therapist. She works with 100+ families every year resolving fussy eating and returning pleasure and joy to the meal table.
She is also mum to two boys and the author of Creating Confident Eaters and Winner Winner I Eat Dinner. Her dream is that every child is able to approach food from a place of safety and joy, not fear.
Learn more about Judith here:


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