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#home-retreat" "lockdown" #judithyeabsley #theconfidenteater

Reflections on “home-retreat”

Reflections on "home-retreat" #judithyeabsley #theconfidenteater

Reflections on “home-retreat”

It’s been exactly a week since we dropped to Level II in NZ. 

That’s meant a partial return to the office for my husband, school for the boys and the ability to do a whole range of social activities that have been out of reach (4 teen boys over for a sleepover – groan!!)

What an extraordinary time it’s been with a lot of stress and additional worries. My heart goes out to anyone who has found themselves with uncertainty around their jobs and income.

I was thankful every day for older children. I’ve always run my business from home and had my boys pretty much full-time so I totally get how much of a challenge it is to manage a job and littlies. Those years are in the past but I certainly haven’t forgotten what it was like!

This time last week is also the last time I shopped for my elderly neighbours. No more negotiating the aisles trying to find an elusive jar of something I’ve never heard of and then driving two trolleys ( you thought one was a challenge!!) and taking 4 years to check out with 5 different piles.

It was like completing a mental puzzle every time I went, separating 5 lots of shopping and making sure everyone’s went in the right bag. I told them that if they switched bags my head would explode 😊

This week has been lovely on a lot of levels. My husband has been able to reclaim a little of his independent life back, oh to escape the confines of home and be around other like-minded adults instead of a nagging wife!

My boys have been so delighted to be back at school. My tween was bouncing off walls on Monday he was so excited to see his friends. They have both realised how much school is about relationships not maths and writing.

I have been receiving a slew of gifts from my neighbours. A divine banana cake, a bunch of beautiful flowers, some warm socks and a host of other really thoughtful things. It’s lovely to be able to help and it’s great to feel appreciated. I have also built friendships that will bring me joy for years to come.

There have already been some positive changes from the “home-retreat” period that I hope continue. I have loved the time at home with my family and WILL retain some of the lessons learned about slowing down and putting focus on the important things.

I’m also loving the upsides of less traffic, pollution, more people walking, parents being able to spend quality time with their children. More home-cooked meals, less dashing from soccer to ballet and in general, a return to a simpler life.

What can we learn from this?

Is there anything you are going to change based on the “home-retreat” period?

Judith is an AOTA accredited picky eating advisor and internationally certified nutritional therapist. She works with 100+ families every year resolving fussy eating and returning pleasure and joy to the meal table.

Judith is also mum to two boys and is the author of Creating Confident Eaters and Winner Winner I Eat Dinner.
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