The Confident Eater

Bridging Program – The Confident Eater

Gently showing you how to bridge from an accepted to a new food

If we want our child to eat something new there are certain approaches that work far better than others. This is especially true if we have a hesitant eater. Generally, plonking a new food on their plate and saying “please try this” is disempowering, makes our child feel pressured and encourages them to push back. The end result is a big NO.

Working with very hesitant eaters has taught me some really good lessons on how to approach new foods differently. Key parts of this is what I’d like to share with you in this mini-course, created by special request.

As this is a totally new concept I will be trialling it at the shockingly low price of only $ 75.00. Available only to the first 3 subscribers it will be a week-long, interactive learning experience.

How the course works

Submit a list of what your child currently eats (please be specific, the detail is important)

Watch a video where I explain some of the key parameters critical around introducing a new food

Watch a video where I give suggestions on new foods that could work for your child, based on your food list

Submit any questions you have
Your questions are answered.

Saturday & Sunday
Trial and test with your family.

Provide feedback.

What will I learn?

1. How to approach new food differently

2. Put some fun back into trying new foods (yes fun!)

3. Proven ways to gently step from a preferred food to a new food

4. Suggestions (based on a lot of experience) of new foods that may be accepted

5. Trouble-shooting/answers to questions

This will be tailored to your child’s tastes however, without having a full picture of what is happening with your child in your house the advice will still be general. Should you wish to go into detail and have support specific to your family dynamics and child’s needs please set up a personal appointment and we can look at one of our more all-encompassing courses.

Who is this for?

1. Parents who have a child stuck eating the same foods on rotation

2. Parents who wish their child was able to eat something new

3. Parents who need a little support in knowing how to introduce a new option without getting a hard “no”

4. Parents who would like to put the fun back into food

5. Parents who would like to see whether a larger-scale eating program is right for them and their child

If your child has a very limited diet and especially if they have additional issues around food eg. sensory sensitivities, extreme anxiety or have ASD this may give you some ideas but a more intensive program would be more appropriate.