The Confident Eater

Creating Confident Eaters

THE guide for picky eaters

Creating Confident Eaters was written with you in mind!

Who is the guide for?

The guide is designed for anyone who has a yes answer to anyone ONE item on this list!

  • Are mealtimes stressful?
  • Is your child stuck eating the same foods each week?
  • Would you like your child to eat new foods?
  • Is your child hesitant about trying new foods?
  • Have you tried offering new foods and got an instant no?

The Confident Eaters guide gives you simple & practical steps to resolve these issues.

What the Guide does!

  • Learn how to gently move from toast, crackers or plain pasta (for example) to a new food
  • Use proven strategies to support your child to add new food
  • Hear how other parents, even those with very selective eaters have made progress
  • Gain insight into ways to approach food and feeding differently

Creating Confident Eaters is the perfect gift for a friend or relative that you know is struggling at mealtimes.

It is also perfect for strategies to easily navigate the toddler fussies or to learn how to gently enable a child to eat a wider variety of foods.

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Take a look inside the guide!

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  • Generous margins for your own notes and inspiration!
  • Interactive
  • Comes with case studies so you can SEE how change can work


  • Easy to read fonts
  • Lay-flat on your bench
  • Simple clear images

Hear what others had to say about the Guide

Phillippa, Mum

Her son is 9 and has ASD. Like many children on the spectrum eating is particularly challenging. His diet is composed of a limited number of really specific foods.
Phillippa was gifted a book and used it exactly as it was designed to be used!

“I got him to eat bread. Slowly making his toast softer each time, then he ate jam sandwiches. Yay so happy he’s never eaten bread only toast”.

Not only does Creating Confident Eaters give you page after page of practical strategies to implement, but it helps you find an approach that really works.

Childspace Magazine

Childspace produce a magazine for early childhood centres all around Aus/NZ. They kindly offered to review the book and give their thoughts. Please click on the link to see what the experts in the field are saying!

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The Breeze – Radio!

Kath & Steve from The Breeze Wellington, requested a copy of Creating Confident Eaters.

Kath read it from cover to cover and genuinely loved it. I was delighted to be interviewed on air.

The Breeze interview Judith Yeabsley on Creating Confident Eaters #creatingconfidenteaters #pickyeatingbook #fussyeatingbook #bookforpickyeaters #bookforfussy eaters #helpforpickyeaters #helpforfussyeaters #judithyeabsley #theconfidenteater #wellington #NZ #TheBreezeWellington #interviewradiostation

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