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Complete Confidence

Judith, The Confident Eater. Picky eating advisor. - Helping parents resolve picking eating

Complete confidence – it is too good, but still true!

  • Easier meals
  • Having your child happily try new foods
  • Family dinners

All this could be yours for just 2 coffees a week.

Are you hearing this correctly?

Yes, for just $ 12.00 per week you can join me as I teach you how I support families with even the most selective of eaters, to add new foods.

If it sounds too good to be true, it sort of is 😊

In this post lock-down world, I would love to relieve some of your stresses. Help you to banish the worries around food and get feeding back on track in your household.

Each week receive a bite-sized action to take-away and begin change in your house. It will all be so simple, you’ll kick yourself for not doing this sooner.

Suitable for most children 2-12.

This could quite possibly change your life. It will be the best 2 coffees to forgo.

It is the “too good to be true” offer that only lands in your lap once in every blue moon.

Starting 5th Oct , this is the last chance to join this year so register now.

Limited spots available.


The Complete confidence program gives you a
step-by-step process to create a confident eater.

You’ll learn how to approach meals with confidence and show your child how to do the same.
As a result, everyone’s stress, anxiety and frustration will go down.

What you’ll get

  • A weekly video with change suggestions, strategies and tools to make it work in your household
  • A weekly Q & A where we can brainstorm and overcome road-blocks
  • A community of parents all working through this with you
  • Support from The Confident Eater
  • Ongoing content

Working together will give you the assurance of always having a feeding cheerleader on your side, giving you valuable feedback, ideas and a safe place to make the changes necessary to create a confident eater.

I look forward to working with you so you can accomplish those feeding goals you’ve long dreamed about.

The full program is 20 weeks. Most parents will see results in the first few weeks and continue on to learn more and more!

There will be a break over the Christmas period. Perfect for bedding down learning.

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This is the best offer you will see all year!

You’ll learn how to approach meals with confidence and show your child how to do the same.
As a result, everyone’s stress, anxiety and frustration will go down.

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  • More relaxed mealtimes
  • Support to teach your child to try new foods with ease
  • Add new foods to your child’s menu
  • Family meals with only one option (true story!)
  • More confidence to resolve issues
  • Less stress and frustration
  • Build a positive long-term approach to food and feeding for everyone


Complete confidence investment

  • Join up for as little as one month then continue for as long as you need.
  • $ 48.00 investment at the beginning of each month (may vary slightly as it’s per week)
  • The program will run via Facebook so internet access a must
  • For full outcomes, 20 weeks membership is advised, but much to be gained along the way!

The Confident Eater
Wellington office: 64-277 319 402


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We are seeing so much progress with Lukas, it’s just awesome how the change in mindset and how we approach meal times as a family has positively influenced him! Thank you so much.


“Meal times had become a major tantrum time for my 6yo.  Always tears and wanting to eat only take away type foods.  After chatting to Judith, who really listened to our situation, she came back to me with a few things to try.  This was not your usual advice of ‘put it on the plate enough times they might eat it’, or ‘ he’ll grow out of it’.  How can they grow out of a bad habit if they are not shown how? …

Judith is AWESOME and meal times are no longer and recipes.  Thanks so much Judith.”

Kylie, Aus

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