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Facebook challenge – The Confident Eater


Do you want eating to be easier over Christmas/holidays?

It’s a crazy time of year to be making changes for sure. BUT, enjoying Christmas and holidays is more challenging if food is a constant battle so is it worth a little effort now for big rewards later on?

I know the answer is yes 🙂

If you’d like to:

– Know how to reduce drama around food

– Change the dynamics so you are in charge

– Get strategies for getting more of the foods you’d like eaten, eaten

– Understand how powerful we can be

– Not inadvertently stop progress

– Learn great strategies for approaching food

– Start to understand how eating learning works

Then this one of a kind course is absolutely for you

Why not?

All of these things have a major impact on how mealtimes play out.

None of this is going to involve major change.

This will totally be manageable even in the crazy Christmas lead-up.

You will receive bite-sized actions that will enable you to make changes simply.

I will be there with you every step of the way.

Included will be a special section on managing Christmas.

I guarantee this will be an amazing start to resolving eating


If this is something that you’d love, then join us for a 3 week Facebook challenge – starting Mon 25th Nov – that will teach you all about current feeding theory and what an impact it can have in your home.

Bonus: Register before Thu 21st Nov and receive $ 25.00 off – wow 😊
Send interest today . Numbers will be limited so get in quickly.

Who is it for?

– Parents with children 2 – 12

– Any parent who would love the children to eat better, the atmosphere to be more positive and meals and mealtimes calmer and more fun (yes, fun).
If you’d like a merrier Christmas or happier holidays this is absolutely a game-changer.

Any questions let me know!