The Confident Eater


1. What ages is the program suitable for?
In general, our modules are for families with children 2 – 12. If your child is outside of these ages please contact us to discuss suitability.

2. What if my child has ADHD, ASD or SPD?
Our programs will be beneficial for most children but if there are additional challenges please contact us to discuss prior to booking.

3. How do I book?
There is a link to the payment page. Once you have paid please use the auto calendar to choose a time that is suitable.

4. Will we be the only family in the workshop?
Often yes, but not always.

5. Will the workshop be live?
Yes, always. Judith will personally run all workshops.

6. Am I able to ask questions?
The workshops will be interactive and yes you will have chance to question and clarify. We will not have the time to talk to topics outside of those covered in the module though.

7. I have read many books on picky eating and have a good understanding. Can I skip module 1?
Even those parents who have read everything and tried everything will still learn from module 1. It’s also important to understand which strategies are important and which may be inadvertently preventing progress.

8. Can my partner participate as well?
Absolutely. For the same price you can invite 3 members of the family to join. Mum, dad, gran, nanny. Please choose the principal caregivers to participate.

9. Should my child be on the workshop too. They are older and interested in what’s happening.
I strongly advise parents to participate in the workshop without the children. For older children sharing some of the information at a later date can be positive. I am happy to discuss this on a case-by-case basis.

10. Is there a workbook?
We have deliberately streamlined everything to keep costs very low. The modules are very simple to follow and you will be able to follow easily.

11. Should I buy the book first?
The book is an excellent resource and will give you many pointers as to how to make changes and make progress. Both the book and the modules are of value. Used in combination is probably the ideal! (But I may be a little biased there)

12. I’m not sure which program to choose.
If you have any questions or would like some help deciding what to do, please contact me directly

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