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Fix fussy eating

Simple, effective, affordable.


  How to stop the food battles

  Add new foods to the menu

  Serve only one family meal (and have it eaten)

  Put the fun back into food for everyone

These interactive workshops are designed to help you achieve meal-time and eating goals for your children.

Outcomes from these workshops include...

Understand your child’s specific issues around food

How to approach meals and eating

Create a personalised plan

Build on success week by week

Reduce stress at mealtimes

Build confidence

Start now and see changes in time for holidays!


All the workshops for just $ 275.00 - GASP!

(includes GST)

Tell me more about the workshops!

How the workshops work

Join via Zoom

All caregivers welcome (3 adults from the same household for one price)

Worksheets provided

Take away gentle, practical strategies you can implement immediately


Trying foods – The basics – $ 100

Trying foods – Advanced – $ 100

Meal-by-meal plans – $ 150

Ongoing support (a full month) – $ 50

Trying foods package – both workshops (recommended) – $ 150

Total package – all workshops (it’s a steal!) – $ 275

*Payment in advance. Price includes GST*

Show me the workshops!

The workshops

Trying foods - the basics

Preparing a child to try foods (yes, it's a thing!)

Avoid the automatic "NO" that stops your child trying new foods

If your child refuses to even put a food near their mouth. Is “stubborn” and you despair they will ever eat a new food, then this workshop is a must.

Or maybe your child puts a nano piece of something in their mouth and declares they don’t like it, then this workshop is for you.

Learn what to do before the food even gets near the plate and you hear that awful “NO”.

Gain the confidence to help your child even if they are super selective.

Take back control of the eating and build a positive approach to food.

Understand how eating works so you CAN support your child

Trying foods - advanced

Working through the seven simple steps

How to get foods tried & eaten

Overcoming anxiety and discomfort around new foods with gentle, proven strategies.

5  approaches that will really help your child try new foods.

How to implement the 7, simple, steps to trying foods.

Proven strategies for adding new foods to the menu.

Understand the phases to eating and what is likely to be eaten next.

Gentle, practical ways to involve your child that build confidence and competence.

Proven methods that really work!


Meal-by-meal plans

Adding new foods

Hello family meals!

Having family meals that are relaxed, fun and where everyone eats the same food is the goal.

Learn how to gently move towards this in ways that children enjoy.

Meal-by-meal simple, proven strategies.

Ideas for foods that suit your child’s tastes.

Gently include your child in meals.

Prepare and serve only one meal.

Ensure your child doesn’t go hungry.

Ongoing support

Direct from Judith

A months unlimited support

Have the security of a whole month of unlimited access to personalised support once you have completed the workshops.

All questions answered!


We are seeing progress!

Boy eating happily #supportingapickyeater #supportingafussyeater #pickyeater # pickyeating #helppickyeater #helpfussyeater #helpingpickyeater #helpingfussyeater #helppickyeating #helpfussyeating #fussyeating #judithyeabsley #fussyeater #theconfidenteater #addingfoods #wellington #NZ #creatingconfidenteatersWe are seeing so much progress with Lukas, it’s just awesome how the change in mindset and how we approach meal times as a family has positively influenced him! Thank you so much.


When I met Anna on my library tour, she was – as many parents are – very stressed about Lukas and his eating.

The number of foods he ate could be counted two hands.

  • Being stuck and not knowing how to move forwards.
  • Trying everything and not getting any traction.
  • Feeling frustrated and stressed and guilty.
  • Having a younger child and dreading a similar pattern of eating

All of this is super common.

Anna bought Creating Confident Eaters and then purchased one of the modules. What a lovely, happy ending.

If you’d like to chat about your situation please get in touch. We have solutions to fit most families.

It started with one small change!

My son’s eating was on a downward spiral with more food becoming excluded as time went on. It was also more and more difficult to try something new.

This was causing me so much anxiety. He has now gone from resisting new foods, to confidently trying, exploring and appreciating what is being eaten.

Thank you Judith.

Karen, NZ

We all made changes

Fussy eater boy #supportingapickyeater #supportingafussyeater #pickyeater # pickyeating #helppickyeater #helpfussyeater #helpingpickyeater #helpingfussyeater #helppickyeating #helpfussyeating #fussyeating #judithyeabsley #fussyeater #theconfidenteater #addingfoods #wellington #NZ #creatingconfidenteaters“I didn’t realise how much my son’s eating was just the result of years of habits and how we needed change that to make progress”.
Kath, UK

The added value of these modules

  You choose when to start

  These can be online

  Flexible times – day, weekends, evenings

  Incredibly affordable pricing

  You make change at your own pace

  You create incredible change

The Confident Eater chikd eating happily
The Confident Eater children cooking
The Confident Eater children eating
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