The Confident Eater

Weekly Support

Join us for our feeding theory workshop where you will learn all about which strategies work and how and why.

Armed with the general information we can then arrange weekly check-ins (15 mins) to talk specifics.

This is perfect for parents who are feeling overwhelmed.

Or where you are so busy the thought of changing anything is not on the radar.

Maybe you have more than one child who struggles to eat.

Or the thought of having someone always there is comforting.

Each week we’ll speak for 15 minutes and discuss issues, brainstorm solutions and take away a strategy to implement in the week ahead. Then the following week we can check back in to see what works and how we can build upon successes.

Eating coach at your call …

The benefits for you.

Outcomes from these sessions include;

  • Learning about your child’s issues and how to approach them
  • Developing mealtimes conducive to eating
  • Ongoing plans and strategies individual to your family
  • Building on the success week by week.
  • Reducing stress at mealtimes
  • Creating meals specific to to your family dynamics.
  • Obtaining confidence via step by step plans and intensive support.
  • Having a safety net available as plans are implemented
  • Being 100% confident positive changes can be maintained.

Program Delivery Options


Via video-conference (super easy to use!)

The Details!

Are there testimonials?


We created change!

“I didn’t realise how much my son’s eating was just the result of years of habits and how we needed change that to make progress”.

Kath, UK

It started with one small change!

“I made one small change but it was a hard one for me and my 3 year old daughter was suddenly eating dinner.
It was such a relief.”

Sara, NZ


Weekly Support


Price includes GST


The Confident Eater program has been so effective in providing strategies for success that we are confident you will see progress, often in the first week.

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