The Confident Eater

Fixing picky eating in bite-sized steps – The Confident Eater

Getting the children eating – in simple, affordable modules

If you are looking to understand:

1.  How to change the feeding environment – no more battles
2.  How to gently encourage a child to try foods
3.  Proven strategies to support a child to add new foods to their diet
4.  Ways to cook and serve only one family meal (and have it eaten)
5.  Put the fun back into food for everyone

Then you are in the right place!

Want to chat? Not sure what to choose? Please contact me:

Programs & pricing

Module one
Introduction to confident eating! (must be completed first)

Build strong foundations that enable you to implement strategies effectively. In this module you will learn some of the key dynamics essential for confident eating. Missing these dynamics is why often even the best strategies fail. Learn more about why it’s essential you know more!
$ 79.00

Module three
Adding foods – (meal by meal plans)

Learn how to approach each meal for the best chance of success. We focus on each meal in turn detailing proven strategies that support a child to add new foods. Everything is gentle and designed to fit into family routines. Relaxed mealtimes are always our goal. Learn how.
$ 79.00

Module two
Trying foods (how to get foods tried & eaten)

If your child refuses to even put a food near their mouth, is “stubborn” and you despair they will ever eat a new food, then this module is a must. Maybe your child puts a nano piece of something in their mouth and declares they don’t like it. Then this module is a must.

$ 79.00

Module four
Ongoing support (available post modules 1-3)

Have the security of a whole month of unlimited access to personalised support once you have completed modules 1 -3. I will be available at frequent times during each week to answer questions and give you any help you may need.

$ 79.00

Parent Workshop – all the modules rolled in to 1. Plus plus!

The Parent Workshop is ideal for families where food is a real struggle, where there may be additional issues or for parents looking for maximum immersion and support. This program has been running for over 3 years and 100’s of families can attest to the life-changing results. Learn more!
Price $ 350.00


You choose the program/s that suit your family and your budget.

Participating in the first module is essential before embarking on any of the other modules. Knowing how to approach meals and the language and dynamics that support long-term eating well is a must. Once you have the basics covered you decide which other programs suit your situation.

Learn the tools you need to change the feeding dynamic in your house and the knowledge to make it work.

Book in at a time that suits you.


Each workshop runs for approx 1 hour. Perfect to fit in during a lunchtime, before the children get home or in the evening, once they are in bed.

The Confident Eater recommends all primary care-givers participate in the modules. For the same price 3 adults from one family may join in. Mum, dad, grandparents, nannies can all participate. Multiple access points can be arranged so you can log in from different locations, should this be of help.

It is not advisable to have children present.

The benefits for you.

Outcomes from these sessions include;

  • Understanding your child’s specific issues around food
  • Learning how to approach meals and eating
  • Creating a plan individual to your family
  • Building on the success week by week.
  • Reducing stress at mealtimes
  • Creating meals specific to to your family dynamics.
  • Obtaining confidence via step by step plans and intensive support.
  • Knowing you are doing everything you can to support your child
  • Being 100% confident positive changes can be maintained.

Program Delivery Options


Via Video-conference (very easy to use).


The workshops work!!

We are seeing so much progress with Lukas, it’s just awesome how the change in mindset and how we approach meal times as a family has positively influenced him! Thank you so much.

When I met Anna on my library tour, she was – as many parents are – very stressed about Lukas and his eating.
The number of foods he ate could be counted two hands.

  • Being stuck and not knowing how to move forwards.
  • Trying everything and not getting any traction.
  • Feeling frustrated and stressed and guilty
  • Having a younger child and dreading a similar pattern of eating

All of this is super common.
Anna bought Creating Confident Eaters and then purchased one of the modules.
What a lovely, happy ending.

If you’d like to chat about your situation please get in touch. We have solutions to fit most families.

My confident eater

My son’s eating was on a downward spiral with more food becoming excluded as time went on. It was also more and more difficult to try something new.

This was causing me so much anxiety. He has now gone from resisting new foods, to confidently trying, exploring and appreciating what is being eaten.

Thank you Judith.

Karen, NZ

We created change!

“I didn’t realise how much my son’s eating was just the result of years of habits and how we needed change that to make progress”.

Kath, UK

The Confident Eater program has been so effective in providing strategies for success that we are confident you will see progress, often in the first week.