The Confident Eater

Fussy Eating – The Confident Eater

If you’re here it’s probably because the words fussy eater or fussy eating are at

the forefront of your mind!

I’m a firm believer that language matters. The way we think about things, the way we talk about things and the way we address things can have a substantial impact on outcomes. This is why the terms fussy eater and picky eater can have a negative impact.

If you have a child that struggles to eat, labeling them as a fussy eater can be a self-fulfilling prophecy. It can also give them a “get out of gaol-free card” as they feel they don’t need to try new foods as they are fussy.

It also assumes that our child is making a choice to be fussy. However, children are often not consciously deciding to eat a limited range of foods. They are finding comfort in choosing their favourites and other foods are just too challenging to contemplate.