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Getting the Kids Eating – The Confident Eater

Let’s Expand  Foods Eaten – Getting the Kids Eating

Unique system run by  – The Confident Eater

Can we get kids:

  • Trying new foods? – YES
  • Eating family meals? – YES – so no more separate meals
  • Branching out from pasta & nuggets? – YES
  • Eating veggies? – YES – even if none get eaten now
  • Overcoming fear of foods? – YES
  • Wanting to have dinner? – YES


Eating is a learned behaviour just like riding a bike or reading. If you can teach someone to read, you can teach them to eat.

We educate you how to support them.

Unique program – getting the kids eating – developed over years of observation, study, experimentation and experience.

Proven results and track record for even the most “stubborn” of children.

Confidence Program FAQ’s

  1. What age kids is it appropriate for?
    We generally work with parents of children 3-12
  2. What if my child only eats a few foods?
    We can teach you strategies for gently expanding foods eaten
  3. What if my child has sensory issues or food fears?
    We have experience dealing with children who have these (and other) issues
  4. How do you teach us?
    We run intensive workshops for parents
  5. What if we’re based in another country?
    We are able to run sessions very easily via video-conference
  6. How long are the workshops?
    They run for approximately 3 hours
  7. Does my child need to be there?
    No, these are exclusively for parents (and other principal caregivers)
  8. How do you know what our problems are?
    We have a personal appointment via video-conference with parents prior to the workshop
  9. Can I really change my child’s eating after one session?
    Yes. Every parent will see positive change.
  10. How much does it cost?
    Personal sessions via video-conference (or face-to-face in the Wellington region) $ 400.00 per family

Now a question for you.

If meals are a constant battle, if your child is not eating what you serve, if you struggle to get them to eat the foods you know they need


Our unique Parent Workshops focus on getting the kids eating.

This is a proven system that really does change lives.

For a very small investment of time and money you can totally change the way food is viewed in your household.

Hear what some of the parents have had to say about the workshops.

“Wow how our lives have changed for the better and all thanks to you”

“I don’t cook any different foods now, pretty much haven’t since we met you.  He eats most things now, takes his plate with new food on it and says ‘wow mum this looks nice”

“We went out to an Indian restaurant on Saturday night” (and her son had an onion bhaji, a samosa and a chicken lasuni curry)

“Things are going very well – in fact now that I look back, I cannot believe the progress we have made”

“I feel confident about going overseas with him now to places like Singapore, Thailand and the states.  I won’t need to worry about him and what he will eat”

“We can put anything on his plate for dinner”

Let’s look at how we can get your children more confident around new foods and even eating veggies!