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Looking for help is a big step

If you are struggling around mealtimes then you are in the right place!

We understand how frustrating, tiring, demoralising and even guilt-inducing it can be to have a child that finds food challenging.

As a parent it can feel like total failure if we have a child that lives on a limited list of foods.

The great news is that resolving picky eating is possible!

There are ways to support a child to add variety to their diet.

In most cases parents are the ones best placed to work with their child.

At The Confident Eater we’d love to support you to help your child.

We work with families with even the most extreme of eaters to gently help them to overcome anxieties around food, to learn to try new things and to over time add things to the menu.

All our strategies are non-medical, practical, simple and designed to slot into your daily routines.

All our strategies are practical, simple, gentle and designed to slot into your daily routines.

Book a no cost initial appointment, we can talk through the issues and look for solutions.

The call is organised via Zoom video-conference (super simple to use) and takes around 40 minutes. Only one parent needs to be on the call but you are welcome to have partners join too.

From the initial call we can determine whether one of our programs is right for you.