The Confident Eater

Introduction to Confident Eating – The Confident Eater



Masterclass in confident eating

This module is essential for any parent who is struggling around food and feeding. Whether you have an extremely picky eater, or a child who is challenged by more foods than you’d like, this module is a must.

This is where you learn the key dynamics:

  • How to approach meals differently for the best chance of success
  • How to talk to your child around food
  • How to create a harmonious atmosphere for meals.

I have run this module for 100’s of parents and every single one has come away with a new understanding of food, feeding and how they truly can make a difference.

“Stubborn” children are our specialty!


  1. Up-to-date feeding theory practiced by experts from all over the world.
  2. Understand the power of language
  3. Master changing the feeding dynamic.


  • Knowing how to approach mealtimes positively
  • Understanding our role as a parent
  • Creating a positive eating environment
  • Understanding how eating works
  • Appreciating how our child approaches food
  • Removing inadvertent obstacles to progress
  • Understanding the power of language and actions

Having this knowledge empowers you to support your child, to create an atmosphere that promotes confident eating and is the solid foundation upon which all strategies build.

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