The Confident Eater

Fussy teen with apple

Meal by meal plans – adding foods

Knowing exactly how to do things is very empowering.

This module takes you through each meal and shows you proven methodology that supports a child to learn to eat and add new foods.

All approaches are gentle and suitable for even very food anxious children.

How to encourage behaviours that widen food horizons.

How to prevent food jags/menus on repeat.

Make progress using simple steps.

Making change manageable (for parent and child).

Creating new habits.

Changing how we view foods.

Giving fruit and veg the “wow” factor.

Generating a love of food.

Making food fun.

Learn how to have relaxed meals.

Serving one meal only (without “eat it or starve”).

When we have a plan it takes much of the stress away from preparing meals.

Learn how to approach, prepare, and serve snacks and meals differently.

Create the outcomes you are looking for through concrete actions.

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