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The Confident Eater children eating

Personalised program™

One-on-one: Getting the children eating.

Simple. Affordable.

Who the Personalised program™ is for...

  You think of your child as fussy or picky.

  Your child struggles to try or add new foods.

  You are cooking more than one meal per night.

  Meals are frustrating, stressful or miserable.

  Your child is dropping foods previously accepted.

  Your child has an “odd” or disordered approach to food or feeding.

  Social occasions and/or meals out are challenging.

  Your child doesn’t eat from whole food groups.

  Eating issues have been apparent for a long time.

  You want to change what’s happening in regards to food and feeding in your house.

Get the children eating...

The program is designed to give you, the parent, the tools you need to change the feeding dynamic in your house and the knowledge and support to make it work.

Understand how to approach food for best results. Strategies and suggestions tailored to your family and your child. Unlimited support for 3 months is also on offer to ensure you are able to implement changes confidently.

The program is specialised for families who have children that have more protracted eating issues or for parents who feel that having all the knowledge up front, personalised and personalised is appropriate for their family.

If you check most of the boxes in the list to the left then I would recommend the Parent Workshop as the best option for your family. 

Please get in touch to organise a time to talk. We are happy to arrange a no-cost initial appointment to look at what the issues are and confirm which program is appropriate.

Let’s find a time for the workshop that suits you – during the day, after work or the weekend – and get all significant care-givers together so everyone is on the same page.

Price only $ 397.00

(includes GST)

Hear what Fiona has to say:

Andy and I have really benefited from your workshop. We were at a standstill of what to do/try and didn’t have a clue how to move forward. Now, we feel really confident in what to do, techniques to try and when and even wording we use.

Excited to get going with this now and hope for some changes.

Thanks again,


Girl. Reference for The Confident Eater. Judith Yeabsley

What is included in this great
value packed workshop...

Part 1


Overview of the theory behind the eating. What it is, how it works and why.

  • Create a solid foundation to get language, approach and dynamics around food and feeding supportive.
  • All principal care-givers on the same page and using the same methods and language for optimal results.
  • Returning the joy to meals and mealtimes.

Part 2

Customise to your family

Applying that feeding theory in your house, with your child and their specific eating parameters.

  • Exploring meal-by-meal at what is happening and how to make changes that are supportive of better eating.
  • Building a plan together for each meal.
  • Explore food options that may work for your child.
  • Discuss strategies for maximising the chance of progress.
  • Brainstorm around potential stumbling blocks.
  • Tailor the program to fit around your specific circumstances.

The benefits for you.

Outcomes from these sessions include...

  Understanding your child’s specific issues around food

  Learning how to approach meals and eating

  Creating a plan individual to your family

  Building on the success week by week.

  Reducing stress at mealtimes

  Creating meals specific to to your family dynamics.

  Obtaining confidence via step by step plans and intensive support.

  Having a safety net available as plans are implemented

  Being 100% confident positive changes can be maintained.

Delivery Options


Live video workshops to wherever you are


We created change!

“I didn’t realise how much my son’s eating was just the result of years of habits and how we needed change that to make progress”.

Kath, UK

It started with one small change!

“I made one small change but it was a hard one for me, and my 3 year old daughter was suddenly eating dinner.
It was such a relief.”

Sara, NZ

The Confident Eater program has been so effective
in providing strategies for success that we are confident
you will see progress, often in the first week.

The added value of this course!

  Come away confident you know that what you are doing is best practice, you are armed with the strategies to make changes and are empowered with a plan as to how to do so.

  Support is offered at all stages of the program. Know that if at any stage you have a question or feel you need some additional help, that will be provided.

Although this all may seem overwhelming and daunting, many of the strategies we implement will be positive for your child.

We will also be working to slot changes into your existing routines.

I’m a working parent so I get that there is only so much time and so much energy in a day!

The Confident Eater chikd eating happily
The Confident Eater children cooking
The Confident Eater children eating
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