The Confident Eater

Complete confidence program – June


Complete confidence – it is too good, but still true!


  • Easier meals
  • Having your child happily try new foods
  • Family dinners.

All this could be yours for just 2 coffees a week.

Are you hearing this correctly?

Yes, for just $ 10.00 per week you can join me as I teach you how I support families with even the most selective of eaters, to add new foods.

If it sounds too good to be true, it sort of is 😊

In this post lock-down world, I would love to relieve some of your stresses. Help you to banish the worries around food and get feeding back on track in your household.

Each week receive a bite-sized action to take-away and begin change in your house. It will all be so simple, you’ll kick yourself for not doing this sooner.

Suitable for most children 2-12.

This could quite possibly change your life. It will be the best 2 coffees to forgo. It is the “too good to be true” offer that only lands in your lap once in every blue moon.

Starting 1st June, this is a deal that may never be repeated so register now.

Limited spots available.

What you get:

  • A weekly video with change suggestions, strategies and tools to make it work in your household
  • A weekly Q & A where we can brainstorm and overcome road-blocks
  • A community of parents all working through this with you
  • Support from The Confident Eater
  • 20 weeks of content (for those who complete the program)


  • More relaxed mealtimes
  • Support to teach your child to try new foods with ease
  • Add new foods to your child’s menu
  • Family meals with only one option (true story!)
  • More confidence to resolve issues
  • Less stress and frustration
  • Build a positive long-term approach to food and feeding for everyone

Too good to be true fine print:

Join up for as little as one month then continue for as long as you need.

$ 40.00 payment at the beginning of each month

The program will run via Facebook so internet access a must

For full outcome, 20 weeks membership is essential


Bank: Westpac

Account name: The Confident Eater

Account no: 03-0525-0022675-00

Ref: your name

Amount: $ 40.00



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Complete confidence – it is too good, but still true!