The Confident Eater

The Creating Confident Eaters Program – Stage 5 videos


Stage 5 – video’s 17-20

Receive a video each Tuesday morning for 4 weeks.

Each short video will contain one lesson and explain any changes or actions that will support you to help your child be more confident around food.

Ask any questions you need, and Judith will respond personally.

At the end of this 4 weeks, you can decide whether you need more personalised support

For ongoing help, register for Stage 5 and receive access to the next 4 weeks of content and the next steps to create your confident eater.

Simple, affordable, and practical

The Creating Confident Eaters Program is designed to be:

– Easy – short, informative, videos you can watch when it suits you.

– Simple – easy to understand content and actions.

– Affordable – $ 12 per week. It really is the price of 2 coffees (unless you live somewhere ritzy, glitzy and they cost more😉)

– Practical – slots into daily routines. No major additional time needed.

Pay for 4 weeks of content and receive a video (plus bonuses) to view in the comfort of your own home.

Watch each video and learn step-by-step how you can support your child to move from a hesitant to a more confident eater.

Understand why you are doing things and why they matter.

Start gently changing your routine and watch your child’s approach to food transform.

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