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Workshops/ Webinars

Judith is currently available to speak at schools, kindys, daycare centres or community groups.

Programs can be tailored to address challenges for parents or be specifically written for staff.



“Judith presents a great workshop that is tailored to those who are attending. She was happy to answer all the questions people had while providing information that was beneficial to all that attended”.

Shelley, Bowen ECE


Speaking at Events

Judith Yeabsley, The Confident Eater - Speaking Event Auckland

I love to speak. If you have an event coming up and are looking for a guest presenter please get in contact to discuss. I can talk on a range of topics centred around “getting the children eating” and can tailor it to your audience and event.


Talking to Groups

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If you have a group of parents who’d love some down-to-earth, easy to implement strategies for getting the kids eating then please get in touch.

Whether you’re a mother’s group, a school, a Kindy, a church or a corporate looking for staff rewards I ‘d love to come and spend time sharing my knowledge and answering all those curly questions about eating!

We can tailor the program to fit the group’s needs. We can talk about anything from how to get children to taste new foods to best practice for relaxed dinners plus of course lots of time for Q & A.

If you’re in the Wellington area I’ll come to you but if not it works really well via video-conference. We can even arrange in the evenings once the kids are in bed!



I’m not sure where we would be now with our son and his eating if we hadn’t found you and will be forever thankful!

What we have found is that he has gotten over his fear of food and will now try new foods and not be put off anymore with the look or texture of food.

..  the great thing is he will try any new foods, which as you know is huge for us because one of the biggest problems we had is he would not try foods based on look and texture so a big win there!  We can also go to restaurants now and he will try new things!

We will continue to have some wins and some losses but definitely meal time is so much better and as long as there is variety it seems to be working for all of us.

All I can say is a big thank you for helping us and giving us the tools and confidence as parents to get him over his fear of food.

I also find your emails and Facebook page really helpful.


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