The Confident Eater

The Confident Eater program has proven results, changing picky eating behaviour and restoring joy to mealtimes.
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Kylie’s success!
“Meal times had become a major tantrum time for my 6yo.  Always tears and wanting to eat only take away type foods.  After chatting to Judith, who really listened to our situation, she came back to me with a few things to try.  This was not your usual advice of ‘put it on the plate enough times they might eat it’, or ‘ he’ll grow out of it’.  How can they grow out of a bad habit if they are not shown how?

Judiths’ tips fit us and our lifestyle and have grown into some really fun dinners.  Now my son feels involved in the meal planning and enjoys preparing/cooking.  His favourite dinners are when he gets to pick what goes on his plate (of course the deal is he has to pick something from each bowl – but he can decide how much).  In 4 weeks my son has gone from chicken nuggets to enjoying a good variety of meals he would never touch before, like Chinese, Indian Curries, Stir Fries, Roasts, Fajitas and we are working on adding Sushi.  Judith is AWESOME and meal times are no longer a drama in our house.  We will continue to use her ideas to keep progressing and adding new foods and recipes.  Thanks so much Judith.”
Kylie, Aus

“I didn’t realise how much my son’s eating was just the result of years of habits and how we needed change that to make progress”.

Kath, UK

“ I made one small change but it was a hard one for me and my 3 year old daughter was suddenly eating dinner. It was such a relief”.

Sara, NZ


Our Cannelloni First – Karen B
“Judith has been working with me on my 6-year-old picky eater since a couple of months. She is very knowledgeable in regards to nutrition as well as parenting. Since working with Judith we experienced a lot of “firsts” in my house – just this week my son started eating (and enjoying!) Greek Lentil Soup, Potato-Leek-Ovenbake and Cannelloni filled with Ricotta & Corn.

I don’t give him anything extra anymore for dinner and he usually enjoys the family meal. He also has a bigger variety of fruit & vege in his lunchbox. When Judith first started guiding me I was very sceptical, but it has worked a treat – like a miracle! Judith has also given me lots of tips regarding replacing favourite foods with more nutritious options, e.g. chocolate cake replaced with pumpkin cake.

Judith is a very friendly and down-to-earth person and I can wholeheartedly recommend her service to anyone with a picky-eater-child!”

Karen B – Wellington

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