The Confident Eater

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Trying foods – the basics

Prepare your child to taste new foods

Information you don’t find on Google!

Why what you do before the food hits the plate is the most important

Ways to prevent the auto “NO”

Stop inadvertent behaviours that make trying new foods almost impossible (yes, we all do them)

Strategies that WORK (even for the most selective eaters)

Confidence you can do this (even if it seems impossible)

Support your child to feel confident they can tackle something new

Take back control of eating. If you’re not in charge, you can’t make changes

Understand how eating works

Use language that resonates

Remove yourself from the feeding equation

Build trust and a positive approach to food

Up to date feeding strategies from world-leading experts

Trying foods – how to get foods tried & eaten

This workshop makes supporting a child to try new foods seem so simple.

Understand why trying foods may be challenging

Why something so simple can seem so difficult.

I love running this workshop and seeing light bulbs flash. You will look at food and feeding your child in a new way.

“Stubborn” children are our specialty!

How to support your child to build a comfort level with new foods.

Knowing and applying the 7 simple, steps to eating.

How to approach foods for the best chance of success.

Proven methods to support children to add new foods.

Introducing choices.

Ensuring our approach supports progress.

Learning how to pick foods that are more likely to be accepted.

“Marketing” using language that “sells”.

Knowing how to support your child to become more confident around new foods.


Absolutely THE BEST way to support your child to taste and add new foods. Only $ 150.00

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