The Confident Eater

Trying foods – The Confident Eater

Trying foods – how to get foods tried & eaten

This module makes supporting a child to try new foods seem so simple.

Whether you have a child that has pronounced food fears and you cannot imagine them ever willingly eating something new. Or, your child takes a nano lick and declares every new food horrible (or nice, but never eats it again). Then this module is for you.


  • The mechanics behind eating.
  • Why trying foods may be challenging.
  • Understanding how a child is approaching food and why something so simple can seem so difficult.

I love running this module and seeing light bulbs flash. You will look at food and feeding your child in a new way.

“Stubborn” children are our specialty!


  • How to support your child to build a comfort level with new foods
  • Knowing and applying the steps to eating
  • How to approach foods for the best chance of success
  • Proven methods to support children to add new foods
  • Introducing choices
  • Ensuring our approach supports progress
  • Learning how to pick foods that are more likely to be accepted
  • “Marketing” using language that “sells”

Knowing how to support your child to become more confident around new foods. Understanding how they learn to eat a new food and being able to support them to do that is an amazing feeling. You can and you will make a huge difference to your child’s eating if you follow the proven methods detailed in this module.

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