The Confident Eater

Support Your Child’s Eating with small steps & Weekly Check-in

I’m so excited to be delivering this as I know it will be something that will appeal to lots of families.

It was inspired by a client who had done a mini course I offered. and realised that in having 4 children there were a lot of issues to address and that tackling them step-by-step was going to work far better for her.

She pitched me on working with her every week. Having a new task to execute and then checking in to see how it had worked and looking at tweaks and improvements.

Why not? I am always up for working with parents in a way that supports them.

I know that this system will suit a range of families. Could this be the solution for you?

How it works

1. An initial appointment – a 40 minute (no cost) video-conference session to determine what the issues are.

2. An introductory video which gives you an overview of the strategies/language/tools we’ll be using to make positive changes (one off payment of $ 50.00)

3. A weekly strategy to implement. We will coordinate a weekly check-in time to discuss what’s happened during the week plus receive a new task for the week following. Update me via e-mail prior to the weekly check-in with wins/challenges/feedback so I can prepare ($ 40.00 per week, payable week prior).

Make changes at your own pace. Ask questions, give feedback and learn how to tackle specific issues. Find the pace that works for you whether that be 1, 2 or 3 new strategies per week.

What will I learn?

1. How to approach food differently

2. Put fun back into trying new foods (yes fun!)

3. Proven ways to gently step from a preferred food to a new food

4. Suggestions (based on a lot of experience) of new foods that may be accepted

5. Trouble-shooting/answers to questions

6. How to structure the “eating” day

7. Language to use for best effect.

8. How to make meals relaxing and family centred

9. How to make one meal only (even with very hesitant eaters)

10. Get your child approaching food from a place of safety and joy!

Each program is totally individually tailored. It will be written to tick boxes for your family, your child and your child’s diet.

Who is this for?

1. Parents who have a child stuck eating the same foods on rotation

2. Parents who wish their child would eat more of specific types of food (eg. more vegetables – or just any vegetables!)

3. Parents who have a child who is anxious around food – especially new foods – and would like them to gain confidence

4. Parents who have more than one child who struggles to eat

5. Parents who would like to be able to pay weekly and not have a large initial commitment.

(Although this is a week-to-week program I would recommend strongly an initial commitment of 8 weeks minimum. Change takes time and generally, there are multiple angles to cover to get a child eating confidently and approaching food with anticipation and pleasure).

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