The Confident Eater

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Getting the children eating

Is this program for your family?

  You want to think of your child as food competent not fussy or picky

  You’d love your child to try or add new foods easily

  You want to cook one meal per night

You’d like meals to be relaxed and fun

You want to stop your child dropping foods previously accepted

You’d like your child to have a ‘normal’ approach to food and feeding

You’d like social occasions and/or meals out to be easy

You’d like your child to eat from all the food groups

You’d like to change what’s happening in regards to food and feeding in your house.

The combined workshops offer:

Feeding theory

What it is, how it works and why it works.

Understand current, internationally recognised feeding theory

Create a solid foundation

Know your language, approach and the dynamics around food and feeding are supportive.

Many of the best strategies fail when not approached correctly.

Have all principal care-givers on the same page.

Use the same methods, language and approach for optimal results.

Return the joy to meals and mealtimes

Make changes – specific to your family

Implement feeding theory in your house, with your child and their specific dietary requirements/restrictions.

Meal-by-meal plans to make specific changes supportive of better eating.

Starting with breakfast build a plan for each meal. You will know exactly how to approach the meal.

Explore food options that work for your child

Discuss strategies for maximising the chance of progress.

Brainstorm around potential stumbling blocks

Tailored program to fit around your specific circumstances.

Come away confident you are following best practice, are armed with the strategies to make changes and empowered with a plan.

Many of the strategies we implement will be positive for your child.

Outcomes from these sessions include:

Understand your child’s specific issues around food

Learn how to approach meals and eating for progress

Create a plan individual to your family

Build on success week by week

Reduce stress at mealtimes

Create meals specific to your family dynamic

Obtain confidence via step by step plans


WOW, all of this in one package. Just $ 275.00 to set your child up for a life of confident eating!

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