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Picky eating interview – Anne Cullen

Picky eating interview - Anne Cullen

Picky eating interview – Anne Cullen

I was delighted to be invited to talk to the fabulous Anne Cullen, The Parent Centred Coach, to talk all things picky eating.

I feel it is important for to raise awareness of some of the issues surrounding parents who have a picky eater, alongside supporting them to resolve these.

Picky eating can be incredibly stressful, frustrating and guilt inducing, and yet there is very little support available for parents.

Moreover, many of their concerns are not acknowledged. Often they are told not to worry, even though it is obvious that the issues their child faces around food are not only not getting better, but often are getting worse.

I’d love for you to join us for a talk around some of the challenges and some of the solutions for picky eating.

Judith is an AOTA accredited picky eating advisor and internationally certified nutritional therapist. She works with 100+ families every year resolving fussy eating and returning pleasure and joy to the meal table.
Judith is also mum to two boys and is the author of Creating Confident Eaters and Winner Winner I Eat Dinner.
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